Case Studies

There are so many ways to use CameraTag it can be overwhelming. We wanted to share a few of our favorites CameraTag uses to get your creative juices flowing. The limit is your imagination.
When the 2020 COVID pandemic struck, NBC's "The Voice" was unable to conduct it's usual casting calls. They turned to CameraTag to power a nation wide virtual casting call enabling tens of thousands of contestants to audition for a spot in the limelight.
Public Outreach
When the US Federal Government wanted to capture the wide-reaching effects of the US opioid epidemic they turned to CameraTag to power Americans from all walks of life have shared stories about how opioids have effected thier lives and the lives of their loved ones.
Toys R Us wanted to get into the holiday spirit by giving away toys to deserving boys and girls. CameraTag helped them capture the wishes of hundreds of boys and girls and deliver a bit of holiday joy.
Video Comments
The Huffington Post wanted to bring their users closer to the news. Armed with CameraTag they were able to quickly implement a tool that allows users to record commentary that can be incorprated into broadcast in real-time.
Corporate Sales Training
When Oracle wanted to review the sales pitches from some 40k+ employees they leveraged CameraTag. We captured over half a million minutes of video in the span of a few days allowing the company to identify growth opportunities and models of success within their sales org.
Virtual Interviews
You can only learn so much about a person by having them fill out a form on the internet. This is especially true if you are looking to hire someone for a customer-facing position. solved this problem by video responses into their application process. A picture is worth 1000 words. A video is priceless.
We learn through all our senses. So why are so many online educational tools so reliant on text? Khan Academy leverages CameraTag to bring a face and voice to the their classes.
Ad Campaigns
Don't let your brand be limited to a logo and a slogan. Your product or service makes an impact on your customer's lives. Let them show the world the difference your product makes by allowing every customer to be a brand ambasador.