Introducing the <room>

We are happy to announce that CameraTag now supports live, syncronous, hyper-low-latency video (in other words video chat). The new <room> tage allows you to embed a "Zoom" style video conference room in your web or mobile app with just a single line of code. You can have up to 9 attendees join a room and CameraTag will auomtically generate a "brady bunch" style recording of the conversation (with the option to also record individual streams). The room videos run through the same processing pipeline as our videos so you have access to the same industry leading features like speech to text transcriptions, animated GIFs, thumbnails and more! Learn more about the <room> in the docs

Auto-Rotate Output Dimensions

CameraTag has always standardized the resolution, bitrate and codecs of media files (videos, thumbnails) generated from your . But occasionally a little bit of flexability is in order. One case wehere we believe that to be true is when it comes to vertical videos. Historically, if you had specificed a 720p video output and a user recorded a vertical video, the CameraTag servers would correctly rotate the video (from the phone's metadata) and place the 720p portrait video (720x1280) into the 720p landscape (1280x720) video with letterboxing on the left and right side. While there is value in having conisitent outputs, the feedback we've recieved that is most users want a portrait output when a portrait input is uploaded. To that end we now have a feature to automatically rotate the output when a vetical input is detected. This will result in an output with a full frame image (no letterboxing) in a file with the height and width inverted from your default specification (i.e. 720x1280 instead of 1280x720). If you do need all viedos to be exatcly the same resolution (and orientation) you can turn this feature off in your app's output settings.

Expanded Moderation Features

CameraTag has historically had a very lightweight moderation system that allowed you to "star" or "unstar" an asset. While we still beleive that serious CMS functioanlity should be built into your own app we have decided to expand the moderation system slightly to include four states: "processed (default state)", "approved", "rejeted", "featured". We have also modified the <>wall feature's security settings to utilize these states. You can now have your wall show: "all assets", "whitelist" (only approved and featured)", or "blacklist" (all but rejected).

Download Button in Player

You can now optioanlly add a download button to the player with the data-download="true" attribute. The default is false.