App Overview

Apps are where all uploaded / streamed videos are stored. Every time you create a <camera> tag you must associate it with a App. The App will create and store standardized versions of all the camera's incoming videos.

Each App can create multiple standardized versions of each video input. For example you may choose to have a App generate a large and a small version of each inbound video (one qvga 320x240 and one 720p 1280x720). In this example whenever a video (of any format or size) is uploaded to the App we will automatcially generate a qvga mp4 and a 720 mp4 video file for you along with a full resolution and half resolution thumbnail for each format.

Similarly, Apps can optionally apply post-processing to videos like adding watermarks, normalizing audio and optimizing video brightness and color etc.

  1. Setting up a App
  2. Advanced App Configuration

Using CameraTag should be easy and fun- if at any point you run into difficulties please do not hesitate to email us at or call +1 (877) 600-0477 for assistance.