What's new in V15?

Breaking Changes Alert!
New CameraTag product looks
New <camera> & <microphone> UX / UI
Enhanced Responsiveness
Hosted Pages
Event Callback Binding
Two Factor Auth
New UK Datacenter
Dropbox, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud
Zapier Support

Breaking Changes Alert!

Versions 2-14 of CameraTag have all been drop-in upgrades. In order to bring you the latest and greatest, v15 is not fully backweards compatible with previous versions. If you are upgrading an impmentation that utilizes an earlier version of the CameraTag.js library you will need to make some changes to your code.

  • Custom Interfaces:
    Previously, if you wanted to use custom HTML for one of the screens in a CameraTag product you would create a div on the page with a specificly crafted id:

    <camera id='myCamera'></camera>
    <div id='myCamera-start-screen'>This is a custom start screen</div>

    We have simplified the process a bit by allowing you to embed the customer html inside the product tag. Now all you have to do in include a div with a class name that is the screen you wish to customize. For example- if you wanted to customize the start-screen, your code would now look like this:
    <camera id='myCamera'>
      <div id='start-screen'>This is a custom start screen</div>

  • Scoped JS Events: TODO
    Previosuly when hand ling a CameraTag event you would have to fetch your Camera's JS object through the CameraTag.cameras array:
    CameraTag.observe('MyCamera', 'initialized', function(){
      var myCamera = CameraTag.cameras['myCamera'].record()

    We have made life a little bit easier by binding the event callbacks to the camera object so you can reference the camera with "this" inside the callback
    CameraTag.observe('MyCamera', 'initialized', function(){
      // 'this' is now a reference to your camera object

New look for the products

The CameraTag products have gotten a facelift. In addition to a slick new look, you now have four different color themes to choose from: light, dark, light glass, top glass. You can select one of these themes by adding a theme param to the end of the cameratag.css URL: https://www.cameratag.com/v15/css/cameratag.css?theme=light

TODO Screenshot

New <camera> and <microphone> user experience

The user experience of the <camera> and <microphone> have been updated. Most notably, by default the user will now be presented with a preview of their camera before recording starts. This screen will allow the user to make sure that they are using the correct devices, framed abnd properly lit before starting to record.

TODO Screenshot

User Prompts

Very often, we found that <camera> and <microphone> tags were accompanied by text prompts on the page (asking the user to answer a question). It just made sense that we should incorperate those prompts into the CameraTag recording and playback experience. For each recorder, you can now define one or more prompts that the user should answer using the recorder. Each prompt can have a max and min recording length and the user can answer multiple prompts in a single recording. When the user moves from one prompt to the next we will save the timestamp and create chapters in the video metadata that will show up in the CameraTag Player. This way you can easily skip betwen prompts within a single video when playing back a video / audio.

TODO Screenshot

Enhanced responsive interface

v15 is now more responsive than ever! Simply use the the TODO!

Hosted pages

CameraTag products were originally designed to be embedded in our customers' sites. Some customers don't have their own website but would still like to use CameraTag to collect / play video, photos and audio from their users. That is why we introduced hosted pages. You can now create a simple page on CameraTag.com that will allow you and/or your users to create and/or playback CameraTag media.

TODO Screenshot

Two factor auth

CameraTag now supports (and encourages) the use of two factor authentication. If you do not have 2fa enabled you will be presented with the option to enable it next time you log in.

TODO Screenshot

UK data center

We already had datacenters in the US, Asia, the EU and South America. We are pleased to now offer a datacenter in the UK for all of our Breixt affected friends.

New Storage Options

We have added three new storage integrations to CameraTag! With little more than a click of a button you can now choose to store your assets in Dropbox, Digital Ocean Spaces and/or Google Cloud Storage.

TODO Screenshot

Zapier integration

If you are a Zapier user (and if you're not you should be!) you can now trigger Zaps when new assets are created in your CameraTag application.

TODO Screenshot