Show Media Factory

You can use the REST API to see the details of specific media factory.

Video Object Documentation , Photo Object Documentation or the Audio Object Documentation




Below is a list of parameters that this endpoint accepts.

Parameter Accepted Values Description Required
api_key valid user api_key Use your account's api_key to authenticate. Required for authenticated requests

Example Response

  "id": 8,
  "type": "VideoFactory",
  "camera_id": "63f9c870-72c4-0130-04c5-123139045d73",
  "name": "720p",
  "width": 1280,
  "height": 720,
  "extension": "mp4",
  "length": "",
  "bitrate": null,
  "source": "camera",
  "is_system": null,
  "fg_color": null,
  "language": null